We create beautiful driveways from a full range of materials that will not only look great but give you years of maintenance free parking .

A driveway is only as good as the foundation below it! More than half the cost of your driveway is made up of the preparation work. Excavation, removal of spoil, laying and rolling the hardcore and bedding material. The rest is spent on buying and laying the paving materials. All paving contractors pay about the same for  their actual paving materials, but a great many don’t spend as much time or money as we do on the preparation!

We only use Type I hardcore for the driveway base. Type I is defined in the Department of Transports “Specification for Highway Works” and is used in road and motorway construction. Type 1 is higher quality material and is more likely to retain its engineering properties under adverse conditions of moisture content and trafficking during construction. We do NOT use “clean hardcore” or “crusher-run” (which can both be  bought at builders merchants), as they do not have the correct blend of coarse and fine material which is needed to give the driveway the necessary structural strength.

There is a wide range of driveway materials. There are many Manufacturers and Brand names. Materials can be cheap and some can be expensive and If you would like advice on the various benefits of different materials, we will give you the benefit of our experience in choosing suitable materials for your project.

Once you have contacted us we will come and measure your drive and work out a price for the materials of your choice. Brochures and samples are available and our portfolio is available for your inspection – do also look at the gallery on this website.

If you are happy with our quote we will provisionally book you in and agree a time scale for your project. Once that is agreed we will confirm in writing exactly what is in our price quotation.

The next stage is the actual construction, which usually takes one to two weeks depending on size. As soon as we finish you can park on it!

Planning consent? We are working with paving manufacturers regarding new rules which come into force Oct 2008.We shall do our best to pass on any relevant information.

RELAYING DODGY DRIVES! WE DO RELAY DRIVES AND PATIOS, An incredible number of people do get caught by conmen! And even more annoying they usually get charged well over the odds for a load of rubbish! We can sort out your problems that your “contractor” won’t come back to. We will give you a fixed price to relay your drive and it comes with a full guarantee! Most customers are amazed at how much work goes into a drive to do it right!

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