Drop Crossing

The lowering of kerbstones to road level to allow you to get your car in and out of the drive

We carry out drop crossings to Southwest highways departments specification. This is required for all vehicular crossings. After you have received notification from highways that you can install a crossing, we will give you a fixed price quotation and install your crossing. Upon completion highways will carry out a standard inspection of works. It only takes two working days to complete most crossings.

We can provide you with any forms you need for highways department, forms to receive permission from your local housing dept which are also required. The current fee for highways to process your crossing is variable. Payable to your local Council or Borough.

Drop crossings are an uncomplicated project in the right hands. If you need any advice regarding forms, permission or general advice, please call us. We will speak to highways on your behalf and liaise between you and your local authority! All contractors must by law be street works registered to work on public highway which we are.  We also have all the necessary insurances and paper work to work on the public highway. If your contractor damages a utility underground, the claims could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds! Don’t get caught out by the cowboys.

Any more questions or if you require quotations we are here to help please email us or call us on 01929 553019.

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